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Dry Rot Repairs

Dry rot is not only unattractive; it can threaten the structural stability and safety of your home. Learn dry rot wood repair techniques from the experts at Diamond Painting before the problem gets worse!How can you tell if you have dry rot? Test for dry rot by poking the wood with a screwdriver. If it goes in easily or feels spongy, you likely have dry rot. In some cases, you may be able to repair the wood, and other times it will require replacing the entire piece.

Dry Rot Repairs
Dry Rot Repairs-2

A certain species of fungus causes dry rot. Its spores land on wood, and with enough moisture, it thrives, despite the name. You may see white or grey growth on the wood and even a mushroom-like body if advanced. Other visible signs of dry rot include blistering, cracked or peeling paint, wood darker than surrounding areas, and green algae on the wood.Windowsills and doorsills are the building materials most often affected by dry rot, but it can grow into non-wood surfaces in contact with the ground, including plaster and mortar.


Diamond Painting is locally known in Pittsburg, CA for delivering exceptional results at cost-effective prices when it comes to painting projects. Our main priority is to exceed our clients’ expectations in every project that we are signed to work on while staying within the agreed budget.  Here in Diamond Painting, we have more than 12 years of experience and have a free estimate company policy for any of the services that we offer.


We offer residential and commercial painting services, always working to provide you with the highest quality to increase the value and attractiveness of your property. Our 12 years of experience, tools, gadgets and class A customer services have allowed us to develop as the industry leader in the Pittsburg, CA.

Interior Painting

Interior painting doesn’t have to be a difficult, messy and out-of-control job, so hire the experts at Diamond Painting. Our interior paint jobs are known to be of high quality; Due to our experience, we will enter and leave your residence in a very short time, always with the aim of exceeding your expectations.

There are many advantages to doing an interior paint job and the most recognized are:

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Increases the exterior attractiveness of your property
  • Choose colors with designs and moods.
  • You can improve air quality by choosing Low VOC or ZERO
  • Protect your walls

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is also very important to your property because it has the potential to make great first impressions. The first thing your neighbors, friends see is the exterior of your property. That is why it is important that the quality of the exterior paint is of high quality.


Here at Diamond Painting, we use the best materials on the market to provide you with a high-quality, durable exterior painting solution. Exterior painting has the ability to:

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Increase the exterior attractiveness of your property
  • Protect the coating of your property

The Right Residential Company for House Painting in Pittsburg, CA

Diamond Painting Company in Pittsburg, CA is a proud provider of quality residential interior and exterior painting services in Pittsburg, CA, and the surrounding areas. We have 12 years of experience working with home builders and homeowners to keep their new or existing houses and condos in excellent condition. We are experts in providing quality paint finishes on any house or condominium. If you need an affordable house painting or condo painting company, Diamond Painting Company is the right choice!


The Right Commercial Company for Building Painting in Pittsburg, CA

Our team of experienced painters are available to provide your commercial property with the interior and exterior care it needs to maintain its appearance for the benefit of potential clients, customers, and employees. Regardless of the size of your business – Diamond Painting Company can help.

Above and beyond providing an efficient and professional experience for residential property managers, Diamond Painting Company is willing to go the extra mile by communicating and scheduling with tenants directly in a transparent, professional manner. We are here to make your job easier!


Pressure Washing

Ready to clean the dirt and scum off your home’s exterior, driveway, or walkways? Boost your curb appeal with a pressure wash! Our team serves clients with excellence—it’s what we’re known for. When you choose us, you’re choosing the best in the business. That is a choice that you can be confident about.

Pressure washing lets your home look it’s best. No matter what surface your home has—painted or not—power washing is a safe and effective method of cleaning. It is customized to all types of surfaces. Pressure washing is important because it removes grime, dust, and dirt so that your house looks fresh and clean—it also helps protect from damage caused by build-up. Our team offers pressure washing services for the Pittsburg, CA and cover Surrounding areas around the city at cost-effective prices. Contact our team today to schedule an onsite visit.

Texture Painting

Textured walls and ceilings are becoming very popular recently, with different techniques creating unique styles that will suit your room perfectly. Textured house painting is a technique which creates a unique look for any room in your home or workplace.

Give your walls some accent and dimension. Through texture painting, you can give a plain surface a very special touch. Our artists and skilled painters from Diamond Painting specialize in texture painting solutions. Call us today and request your free estimate or an onsite visit; our prices are competitive and our quality is high.


Cabinet Refinishing

One of the simplest ways to update the look and feel of your kitchen is to re-vamp your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint. At Diamond Painting, we proudly offer professional cabinet painting services that can completely upgrade your kitchen. We help homeowners create a new, stylish look—without the hassle. Our team of professional residential painters has the experience and skill to quickly carry out your cabinet painting service so that you can get back to enjoying your home in no time.

We have experience handling cabinet painting projects of all sizes, large and small, including intricately designed and custom cabinetry. Our painting company works quickly and efficiently, providing superior residential painting services that last. You can rest assured that we will arrive on time, ready to work on your cabinets.

Popcorn Removal

Our professional popcorn removal services start by protecting the area to keep it clean throughout the process. We use plastic and/or drop cloths held in place with tape to seal the area and protect your floor and furnishings. Next, our team begins the removal process by expertly scraping the popcorn off, then priming and skim coating the ceiling. Once the ceiling has been removed, we will repair it and retexture or replace any drywall, leaving you with a sleek, finished ceiling.

Our team is fully bonded and insured for your peace of mind and we will always treat you and your home like it’s ours. We are fully equipped to quickly and professionally remove popcorn ceilings from your home and give you the updated look you want. We offer affordable everyday rates and free firm quotes so you’re never caught off guard by the cost of your service.

baseboard painting


If you have a problem with your old Baseboard or you want to replacement your baseboard here at Diamond Painting you will find high quality and cost-effective baseboard services, call us now! and get a free estimate about all the services that we have for you, we work hard and smart for offer the best services in all painting industry.

Drywall Installation & Repair

Drywall is one of the most prevalent materials throughout our homes, and it’s susceptible to damage. Moisture, wall decorations and general wear can add marks, holes and otherwise damage your drywall over the years. Your local Diamond Painting is here to handle all of your drywall installation services and repairs, our expert home improvement professionals can also install drywall in your new home or addition. First, we’ll prepare for drywall installation by measuring the area and covering electrical wires and plumbing with proper protection. 


Water leak Repair

When it comes to water leak repair, the best course of action is to call in a Diamond Painting professional. We can identify the source of the leak, recommend a plan of action, and inspect for any other household leaks or water damage caused by the leak. Call us now and get a free estimate about all the services that we have.

Color Matching

If you are searching an advisory service for your painting project, you need to call Diamond Painting, we have more than 12 years of experience working hard and smart for delivering excellent result, we are happy to help you in all the things that you need.

Quality finish

Diamond Painting is the company leading in every Quality finish project for more than 12 years of experience we are working hard and smart for delivering excellent result, we have the experience but the most important we always working hard with the best team in all the painting industry, call us now! and get a free estimate about all the services that we have.